Developing a Can-Do Attitude

Do you want to be that motivated person who seems very ambitious and energetic? Well, you can be that person. It’s not going to be an easy journey. You’ll have to develop a can-do attitude by gaining new habits and unlearning destructive ones.

Bad Habits to Kick…

Procrastinating: Stop putting things off. It will only keep piling up and adding unnecessary stress. Best practice is to get the difficult tasks done first. Then, the day gets easier as you go on.

Unwilling to go above & beyond: Doing the absolute minimum will get you nowhere. Consider what extra little steps can fulfill your tasks and put you ahead of the game. What will make you shine?

Not seeing the big picture: Most are concerned with the here and now, and generally don’t worry about what lays ahead. If you don’t contemplate the future, you can’t adjust what you’re doing now to meet that goal.

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No sense of urgency: A good rule of thumb is to finish tasks promptly without sacrificing quality. Not only will this get it off your plate, but others will appreciate the quick turnaround.

Acting helpless: Stop expecting people to give you answers. If you have the capabilities to find the answers, then do so. I know it’s not as easy as asking someone who knows, but this is a good learning opportunity for you. You’ll never learn anything if you’re constantly given the answers.

Negative self-talk: Stop putting yourself down. You are smart and talented. So what if you’ve made a mistake…it happens. Learn to let go and love who you are.

Good Habits to Adopt

Learn from your mistakes: What did you do wrong? What could you do differently next time? Be aware of this experience in the future and connect it with similar situations. Make adjustments before another mistake happens.

Self-motivation: No one should ever assign you a to-do list. You should know what is needed of you. If you are unsure, think of ways you could improve or ask for opinions.

Growth: Be willing to adapt to the changes happening around you. Ask yourself how you can adjust your current skill set so that you grow and don’t plateau.

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Resilient: You should be able to bounce back from negative experiences and feedback like a rubber band. Try not to take things personally.

Confidence: Be sure of yourself and stop second guessing yourself. Don’t let others trip you up either. You already know your worth.

Proactive: Beat others to the punch. Understand that this one step will lead to the next step and so on. Be prepared by being at least three steps ahead.

Start getting rid of those bad habits and replace them with positive ones. When your thoughts and actions are aligned, you’ll begin to see your goals come alive. You now are able to do anything.

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