Top Relationship Deal Breakers

When it comes to relationships, we often can become blind or jaded during this time. Relationship deal breakers comes down to self-respect and knowing what you deserve. We have listed the top relationship deal breakers for you to consider.

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We all have an idea of what we like and what we see as the perfect relationship. However, every relationship should have a foundation built on key factors such as Love, trust, respect. Anytime that you may see other factors more often than the good ones, it may be time to consider is this worth your time.

Relationships are tough these days. There are a lot of issues that come with it and one of the most important ones is figuring out if your partner is worth your time or not. This can be difficult especially when you’ve waited a long time for something to happen.

Here are deal breakers you should watch out for


Don’t ever let someone disrespect you. You are worthy of respect no matter what. Even if the times are tough this should not be accepted in a relationship. If you feel that your partner is not showing the respect this is a huge problem and it is time to reevaluate the situation.

Emotionally unavailable

Do you feel unheard often? Many times, people that ae emotionally unavailable will block you out and it can really make them feel distant. If you feel yourself experiencing this, it may be time to move on.


Are you being lied to in this relationship? Honesty is a big part of a smooth relationship. If there are lies being told and broken promises this can ruin the relationship all together.

Lack of Support

There needs to be support through thick and thin. Do you feel that you have a partner you can lean on and trust? We all have bad times that we go though you deserve someone that can and will help you through.

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