5 Ways of Determining Who Is a True Friend

Friendship. What does it mean to you? When you think about the people in your life that you call friends do they meet the criteria?

Between work and school social gatherings we meet many people. Actually determining who is a true friend may be difficult for some. There is a difference between the people you enjoy and people you know and then there are true friendships. True friendships have all of the above.

If you have many people in your life making sure you know who is invested in the friendships just as much as you are.

Here are some factors that determine true friendships or one sided friendships.

Do they listen to you?

Some people tell their feeling stories and vent and in return don’t listen to you. This might be a indication that the person isn’t invested in your feelings.

Are they there for you too?

We all go through things and need a friend to lean on. Can you lean on these people or is it difficult to get support when you need it.

Can you be yourself?

True friendship requires no fake egos or judgment. When you are around your friends it should feel welcoming.

Do you stay in touch?

Do you both reach out to one another? At least from time to time. In life we become very busy but that quick moment of reaching out shows you both care.

Are they happy for you?

When you thrive your friends should be happy for you. People who are not don’t want the best for you. True friends celebrate victories together.

These are just a few questions to ask yourself when it comes to your friendships. Having a true support system of friends is so important. No matter the amount of friends you have, make sure they are there for you. Otherwise, eliminating the meaningless and draining friendships is always okay to do.

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