Essential skin care tips for fall

We have some essential skin care tips for fall to keep the best-looking skin this fall. As the weather turns cold and the leaves change color, your skin is going to change significantly. If you don’t keep it moisturized properly, it’s going to look a lot less than perfect in the winter.

Keep it simple

Exfoliate- don’t skip this step. We need to get rid of dead skin cells to soak in all the moisture we need this time of year.

Moisturize- find a good moisturizer that works great with your skin. Usually something a little heavy since these months can leave the skin feeling dry.

Apply masks- You want to be sure to draw out impurities and remove toxins. Many time our skin can become congested and with a simple detox mask your skin can feel rejuvenated.

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Don’t forget about your lips- A good scrub can go a long way. Helping to avoid and chap lips that often happen during the colder months. Also, remember to apply a good lip oil.

Remember to stay consistent. With all skin care it is about taking the time to really treat the skin and allow time for the benefits.

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