What Work of Art Changed Your Life?

There are moments in life where your eyes are opened and you’re suddenly enlightened to new knowledge. Usually, this is sparked by having a unique experience with your senses. For example: reading a new novel, listening to a new genre of music, tasting something prepared differently than what you are used to, and doing something for the first time. You have stepped outside of your comfort zone. Now, your brain has awakened and ready to discover this new path.

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

This brings me to my question. Have you ever observed a piece of artwork that changed your outlook on life? Made you love art and have a new profound appreciation for the different forms of expression? What was that moment like for you?

For me, it wasn’t observing art but actually creating a watercolor portrait. It was the first time that I attempted this medium and was absolutely enveloped by my work. This was when I realized that I had talent and the potential to be more. I loved being an artist and how it made me feel so much that I even considered making it part of my profession. I also came to the realization that art is more than just painting and drawing. It was a part of my soul. Art gave me an outlet and made me happy.

Trying something that is new and makes you uncomfortable can open your life to endless possibilities. It can be scary, but you won’t regret having a newfound appreciation and experiences. If you want to make your life a little more exciting and enjoyable, you have to try new things. Challenge yourself to make mini changes like wearing an outfit that isn’t your style, wearing a bold lipstick, taking a different way to work. Forcing yourself to make little changes will invigorate your soul. Why don’t you try painting a watercolor and see what happens for you?

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