Thanksgiving Bucket List

November is the month that is about giving back, showing appreciation, and family. Make every moment this month count with our Thanksgiving bucket list. There are 13 activities to get you into the holiday feeling.

Bake Pies

Get your family together and all bake some yummy pies together. It’ll be an experience you all will remember. Plus, you’ll enjoy the pies that much more because of the special work put into it.


Instead of spring cleaning, do a fall cleaning. Purge your house of the unused clothes, foods, and other items. Don’t throw them away either. Take them to a local shelter and donate. There are so many people in need.


Celebrate your friendships by throwing a dinner party for all of your friends. It’s a great way to express your love for them and also spend some quality time before the holiday season kicks off.

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Lend a helping hand to a shelter or cause. Every place needs a little extra help and it is hard to find people willing to assist. Give back to your community by volunteering.

Black Friday

If you want to get some Christmas shopping done, you can always go out into the crazy crowds on Black Friday. Do yourself a favor though, don’t get lost in the sales. Be respectful and kind.

Express Gratitude

Let the people closest to you know that they are loved, appreciated, and why they are so important to you. So many times we forget to tell others the important things in our hearts because we get caught up in the day to day hustle. Now is the time to slow it down a bit and enjoy all of the little things.

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Pay it Forward

Nothing can brighten a person’s day than someone paying it forward. Not only that, but it encourages them to be nice as well. Pick a random time to do something kind like paying for the person behind you.

Go to a Parade

All of the sights and sounds at a parade can bring out your inner child. It is also a great way to spend some quality time with family and get into a festive mood.

Eat Chili

On those colder days, a nice bowl of chili warms the soul. Don’t forget the cornbread! If chili isn’t what you are craving, you can always try a different kind of soup or stew.

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Play Games

Turn off the screens and bust out those board games and cards. Have a little bit of competitive fun with the family. It’s a great way to entertain yourselves and have a few laughs.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Put together a meaningful scavenger list for the family. Make them take photos of their finds. Later, you can put them in scrapbooks to look back on.

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Play or Watch Football

Most families enjoy a good football game. You can either watch one on the T.V. or you could gather everyone for a game of touch football.

Take a Family Photo

Families change and grow over the years so don’t forget to take a photo of everyone together before we all go back to our separate lives.

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