How to stop extreme worrying

We all worry. It is a natural feeling everyone experiences from time to time. What happens when this feeling takes over and how can you stop extreme worrying? For many of us this can affect our minds, moods and how we act in our day to day lives.

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The buildup of worrying too much can have a big impact. Making you feel anxious, drained, and upset. Here are some ways to cope if you find yourself being an over worrier.

  1. Everyone feels this way at some time. You are not alone. It is how we cope that pushes us forward and out of the overwhelming cycle.

2. Most of the things you worry about never actually happen. Studies show 85% of what we worry about never happen. We tend to think the worst before anything happens. Try to stop yourself from going to that place of worry if you can help it. Read here 85 Percent of What We Worry About Never Happens | HuffPost Life

3.Have confidence that you can handle whatever is thrown your way. A big part of our worries is how we are going to handle the situations. Know that you are strong and able to make the best decisions for you.

This is all easier said than done. However, if you take the time to think it through. Really focus on these tips and how you can take the small steps to living the life you want worry free.

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