Self-care vs being lazy

Do you often get action of self-care vs being lazy confused? Have you ever felt like a slacker for being a self-care advocate? Does it feel like you’re forcing yourself to do self-care? So many questions to ask yourself about this topic.

When you think about caring for yourself that should be a number one priority. Whatever that looks like for you is acceptable. At times we may tell ourselves that we are being lazy and not doing enough, but really, we should be making time for the times that make us feel better. Also perform better.

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What self-care looks like

Self-care can look like many things. There are many tasks and actions that can make us feel good. It shouldn’t be about what we get done or don’t get done. Self-care can mean resting and not doing the tasks that are on the list. It can mean enjoying a long relaxing bath.

It’s important to listen to yourself and what you need in order to prevent burn out. It’s not fun having to constantly push through. We all have a lot on our plates keeping work life balance is one thing, but self-care is something even more.

So, with that being said don’t let anyone or you make you feel that your act of self-care isn’t necessary. What is most important is to find balance.

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  1. Self-care is always the most important thing, even though society may see it as selfish. The way I see it, you can’t light other people’s fire if you first don’t light your own. So thanks for this great reminder!

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